Alea’s Dailies 4-18-14

Hello from Alea. As Kristina mentioned, we’ve been spending months keeping each other accountable for fitness challenges and the like, so it just kind of made sense to turn this into a blog. I’d been meaning to do one to keep myself accountable for running, but this seems infinitely more fun.

Today is a rest day for me. I’d normally try to insert something into my day, but I’m doing a 5k tomorrow and also have dinner and evening plans.

I have completed my sets for the 30 Day Core Challenge. I started it on Wednesday. The planks had killed me Wednesday and Thursday. Surprisingly, today it was the back extensions that near did me in. I’m sure this will get easier before next Wednesday where we get to increase reps.

That’s it for now. Short post, but plan on filling out my Origin Story soon.


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