Kristina’s Dailies: 4/18/14

Inaugural post on RPR!

This is Kristina by the way. I do all my workouts at work–at break, at my desk; whenever I have a free moment. This is a typical Plahr-day for me: a run in the morning, and scattered mini-workouts as I get up and stretch away from my desk. A few days ago Alea and I started the 30-Day Core Challenge, modified to our own fitness levels. I’m starting very slowly because I don’t have good stability in my back/abs, but I would like to build up my strength to prevent future injury.

I typically run MWF and do leg work on TuTh. Here’s what my day has looked like:

Today’s run: 1.51 mi in 17:52

30-Day Core Challenge tally:
3 x 10 crunches
3 x 5 leg lifts and bicycle crunches
4 x 1 min 30 sec plank holds

Plus an extra 17-minute moderate paced walk at my second break!

Thanks Alea for getting the blog off our brainspace and onto the Internet! I’m hoping I can go on a hike on the weekend so I can take some pictures, but the days are already shaping up to be busy. Tomorrow is lift day, so I hope I wake up early enough to get it all done.

Have a lovely weekend and go for a nice walk outside!


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