Alea Dailies 4-20 (Easter Edition)

Today was a low key day in terms of exercise. Went footgolfing with Chris and friends, which meant a lot of walking and a lot of Vitamin D. Not bad for a lazy Sunday afternoon. Mostly done with core. Planning on doing the last two sets (plank and back extensions) before I go to bed. Expect a post about footgolf in the near future.

Got about 8k steps in today. It’s not the 10k stretch goal, but I try to keep my steps around 8-10k a day, so I was within my range.

I guess the other thing is that my FitBit told me that I’ve reached 500 miles since I first got it. In prior attempts to run and walk more, I tried to do the Eowyn’s challenge where you try to track your walks and runs as if you were walking in the steps of the Lord of the Rings books. I would just do RunKeeper, which didn’t really track all of the walking that I would do. If I were to go with that measurement in terms of LOTR, I would have gotten to Rivendell and been a little less than 50 miles into the walk to Lothlorien. Kind of cool.

That’s about it.


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