Big Bunny 5K (4/18)

I’m trying to get myself to run. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with this process. I’ll go about 3 months being really into it and then give up once it gets too hard. One of my primary goals of 2014 has been to actually stick with the running thing. So far, it’s been going well. Apparently spending a winter snowed in hotels means leaves the hotel gym as one interesting activity. I’ve started signing up for races to keep myself on track.

Big Bunny 5K
Big Bunny 5K 

For my first of this year’s races, I signed up for the Big Bunny 5k, a race put on by the Cupertino Parks and Recreation Department. It was a pleasant race starting from the library and circling around several local neighborhoods. Some of the money race went to help provide clean water to communities that don’t have good access to the water.

Chris joined me unofficially to keep me on track. Turns out that keeping up with him instead of Bruce is significantly more difficult. The race was fun. We did splits of walking 5 minutes and jogging 5 minutes.

Post Big Bunny

Didn’t place high in the end, but that wasn’t the point. It got me to keep myself on track and I actually ended up doing better with the timing than I normally do. Finished in 43:28. All in all, a fun morning.



2 thoughts on “Big Bunny 5K (4/18)

    1. 5k is about 3.1 miles. I don’t know what the max time limit is, but considering a good number of people walk 5ks, you’re generally more than good (in my experience, at least).

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