Kristina’s Dailies 4-20-14



Back at the beach again. Alea posted an Instagram of her playing foot golf just as I was about to blow off going on a walk. I decided I wouldn’t be a lazy bum and I would try to do right by the Run Plahr Run project. I laced up and headed out the door to Huntington Beach. Turns out it was the right decision–it was 71F and really nice and sunny out. At first I had Runkeeper set to a hike, but after stomping around in the sand and spotting a couple who was jogging barefoot, I broke out into a light jog. And then the light jog turned into a total of 3 miles running/walking. It was really fun! There were a lot of kids and sandcastles to dodge, not to mention Huntington has big waves and a somewhat aggressive surf that creates a graded shore to run on. This means a little extra incline (very minor if you’re just looking at it) but it feels like you’re running on the side of a very shifty, unstable slight hill. With water rushing in. I got my shoes wet a few times and it was fun dodging the incoming water as well; it was just an extra little challenge.

I’m really surprised I felt pretty good running in the sand for the first time. I thought I would be a lot slower because of the resistance, but I had a good 13:37/mile pace despite the walk breaks. I told myself I could take a break in between each guard tower–run to one, walk to one. That system seemed to work pretty well; I’ll try increasing the distance slightly on each run segment as I repeat this course.

If I can keep up this level of fitness and training, I’ll feel more confident entering a 5k sooner than the end of the year.


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