Kristina’s Dailies 4-21-14

The good: did four sets on the 30-Day Core Challenge, upped my leg raises and bicycle crunches to 6 reps/set. That’s four 1:30 minute planks. I even threw in 3 sets of 7 under-the-table rows which sort of looks like this:

Source: Chrisy M Fitness

but with an underhand grip.

The meh: ran 1.5 miles, but the beach run from yesterday resulted in a slowish-overall pace and very sore calves. I downgraded to a slow jog and kept the walking to a minimum. Am short my step goal of 6.9k steps by 300 some odd steps.

The bad: missed out on lifting on Sunday and am a bit too tired to play catch up tonight. Maybe tomorrow if I come straight home after work and appointments.


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