Alea Dailies 4-23-14

Another day. More exercise. I was actually going to do racquetball with Chris today. That didn’t pan out because I guess you have to reserve courts or something lame like that. Instead, I decided to push the running day up instead. I’m going to have to do it when I’m back on the road anyway. My body wasn’t happy with this idea. It showed. I walk/jogged 3.09 miles in 51:49 minutes. Slower than yesterday (I think), but it happened. I ran to The Heist (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis). I adore that album, but it makes for boring running music.

I’ve completed all of the sets for the core challenge. Today was the day we (read: I) amped out to 25 rep sets and a 45 second plank. It would help if I could read, however. I thought we go up to 30 reps. No big deal. I just go up to 35 next week or 50 in week 4. Whichever floats my boat at the time.

I hit 10k steps again. Was just under until I decided to do all the pre-sleep activities (brush, floss, etc.).

Goals in check, all in all, so I’ll consider it a successful day.


One thought on “Alea Dailies 4-23-14

  1. 25 reps…of everything?!

    Shoot I feel like a chump now. Though I guess I’m making up for it in the planking. But dang Plahr! I need to get on your level.

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