Alea Dailies 4/25-4/28

So I’ve been very bad about posting the last four days. That’s half a week. That’s not good. It’s not that I haven’t been active (actually, I haven’t been great either), but I was got caught up in an attempt to minimize the amount of time I’m online when I’m not working. Kind of.

And this is where I get you up to speed.

Friday, April 25

Friday was a hectic day, which meant that I did not have time to do all of my core. To be fair, I did most of it, but was wiped by the end of the day. It was a day of driving all over the South Bay and East Bay for meetings, appointments, and other errands. It was also pouring rain off and on all day. A welcome moment for us Californians, but also sucks in terms of being able to do active things that I might have had the energy for, such as taking Bruce on a walk. I did all core except for the knee to elbow and half of the back extensions.

Saturday, April 26

The goal was to wake up early but I ended up sleeping in ridiculously late. I was very tired. Late morning turned into running errands and doing some gardening-esque work. The core work happened, though.

Sunday, April 27

Made the mistake of falling into the laziness trap of not doing cardio the previous few days. I got my core done and racked up a ridiculous amount of steps when I had to go shopping. Beyond that, though.

Monday, April 28

And we get to today where I have done the majority of my core by now and just got back from walk/jogging 5k. The shins hurt like they did last Wednesday, but it was a generally good run overall. I moved myself up to 7 minute jogging intervals with 5 minute walks. Ran to Santigold’s Master of my Make-Believe, which is much better running music. Didn’t last the whole run, so I listened to some Zola Jesus at the tail end. Made for some good light jogging and cool down music. In the end, I did 3.14 miles in 49:53 minutes. Better than last week! I might do 7 minute jog stretches for two weeks, though, considering the random pains I’m experiencing.

And now we are caught up. Tomorrow should be interesting because I’m going to be out and about for most of the day.


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