Kristina’s Dailies 4/28-4/30

Monday 4/28

Did my ab challenge stuff but omitted the leg raises due to that hip pain/bump on my lower back. Run went well–1.55 miles in 17:08. Didn’t do any lifting over the weekend but I tore down/set up a conference room full of chairs and tables all by myself. How’s that for non-traditional exercise?

Tuesday 4/29

Bought a new sports bra from the Gap for $15 after discount.

Gap Fit High Impact Sports Bra

I tried it out on my leg day–it did a good enough job of holding me in while doing jumping jacks and moving about. Only time will tell as for its longevity and how well it will do for running.

Wednesday 4/30

Run stats are similar. Ab challenge was somewhat stifled this week because the conference room I usually go hide to do it in has been full of people the past couple days. I made do by doing an extra 2-minute plank. I’ve also been doing 1 set of 30-sec side planks, but those are really tough and I can only manage one per side right now.


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