Alea Dailies 4/30/2014

Cannot believe I’m eight minutes away from May. In writing this lost in rest bits between my back extensions so this post will be up by May so whatever.

Today was another day where I did not get as much done in terms of activity as I had wanted. Blame work, trivia and crippling sinus pain. I amped up core though. Ended up getting an air of energy last night to finish the core sets and then decided to just progress. At 40 reps, getting core done is a workout in itself.

I did go on a walk, though. It was a short one that involved a near run in with a coyote, but better than the nothing I almost did. Tomorrow is running day. Don’t know what to do if it ends up being as hot as it was today. Maybe seven?

Anyway, as I’m entering week three of this core challenge, I’m wondering if I should continue through week four. The plan was not to get rock hard abs (nowhere near that, lolololol), but to build core into my daily routine. I’ve accomplished that. Planks and crunches have become part of my wakeup routine and leg lifts have been my evening cool down activity. I skipped week two in terms of intensity, so going up to 45 or 50 reps of each exercise every day seems way too time consuming. I start decreasing my form to speed up the process, which defeats the whole purpose.

What I’m thinking I should do is plank+bicycle+one rotating core each day. I can do that in 50 reps. Then, start incorporating the 30 day arm challenge into the routine. Mixing up the focus for my core each day probably is better in terms of recovery anyway. Will have to think that over more.


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