Alea Dailies 5/1/2014

I woke up earlier than usual for a seven am call. Instead of going back to sleep, I decided to brave the hot California sun and go jogging early. The first set of seven minutes really killed the shins, but I managed to find my form and it was fine after that. It felt a lot hotter than the weather said it would be at 8 am though. Other than that and the fact that Runkeeper didn’t record the first mile, it went well. St. Vincent’s most recent album is great workout music. Birth in Reverse is like my workout jam these days.

Cut the run short BC of time. Sucks that morning runs feel so rushed. It felt nice the rest of the day knowing I had finished that part of the day. Does that mean that I will now wake up earlier than I absolutely have to so I can run? Probably not. I need more sleep. I think.

I did half of the ab set today.  I did the plank before the morning call, but the sinuses were killing me too much to do the knee to elbow or back ones. And then decided to work until midnight and pack so leg lifts not going to happen today out of sanity preservation. Half better than nothing.

And its not that I was connected working all night. Went out for a last minute shopping trip. Wasn’t successful for what it was intended for…but it got me well over 10k steps.

Headed down to the southland tomorrow. Wonder what activities I can squeeze into the weekend.


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