Kristina’s Dailies 5/1 – 5/4

These dailies are getting harder to write on time. I guess summaries will have to do.

Thursday 5/1

Leg day went fine, but the Ab Challenge took a hit. The room I usually hide in to work out in was booked for two days. I only had time to do two planks at work. I’m splitting my plank time between forearm and palm planks. I start with elbows down/on forearms for as long as I can handle it (about a minute) and then push up into the palm plank for the remainder of the time.

Friday 5/2

Run day stats: 1.56 mi in 17:02. Ran about halfway to a new lamppost. Decided I would push to complete the whole new distance on next run. Despite my efforts to lengthen the route, I only seem to add 0.05 mi per run to the total new distance. At this rate I should reach 2.0 mi by the end of the month, stamina and legs permitting.

Saturday 5/3

Felt restless the whole day until I was able to go to the beach for dinner and lazy strolling. Can you believe I’ve gotten to the point where a 3 mile walk is actually something I look forward to? Of course, you can’t really beat this scenery and setting for a nice pre- and post-dinner walk:

Sunset at Huntington Beach Pier.

Sunday 5/4

So this totally happened:

Alea, Chris, Kristina. #caveselfie

That’s right! It’s a Run Plahr Run reunion! Alea was in town with Chris so we all trooped out to Crystal Cove for a morning hike. Sadly, I did not get to partake in carne asada fries with them, but it was really fun to see each other and talk while exploring tidepools and trying not to slip on jagged rocks. We like danger and we like friendship!



We ducked into that cave and popped around the cliff  to keep exploring, but the tide cut us off from going beyond. It was still quite a sight to behold and I imagine if we had gone earlier in the morning it might have been accessible on foot.

Not a bad end for last week. This week I’ll be focusing on good form during the Ab Challenge workouts and monitoring that right hip/back pain. So far it isn’t bruised like it was before, but that was because I was more conscientious about sticking to the running schedule (MWF runs.) If I do beach run, I’ll have to plan it better so I’m not running on back to back days.

Hope you have a great week ahead of you! Let’s keep churnin’!


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