Alea Dailies 5/2-5/5

I disappeared for the weekend again. Chris and I ventured down to SoCal for our friend Cheryl’s wedding. Meant a lot of walking down memory lane and hanging out with old friends.


So I could go the whole weekend pencil’s down with no guilt, I worked pretty much until right before I had to leave for the airport. I did have time to sneak in the core workouts and a short walk with Bruce. That plus an airport trip put me around 6k steps for the day. Not ideal. Could have been worse, though.


Saturday should have been a run day. I was going to do that either in the morning (woke up too late and it got very hot under the Southern California sun). Then, I said I was going to do it once we got to the hotel in Orange County. We didn’t get there until early afternoon and, by that time, I was hit with a bad sinus headache that kept me laying low until late evening. I got the core done, though, and between wandering around and hanging out with friends and an evening trip to the mall to see Amazing Spiderman 2 (*yawn*), I knocked out my low-end 8k goal.


And on Sunday, we go hiking at Crystal Cove.

Kristina looking balanced
Kristina looking balanced

We woke up early on Sunday to get some morning hiking in. The goal was to get up early enough to miss the afternoon heat and the crowds. We managed to do both hit up a state park that I probably should have spent more time at when I was going to school nearby. I have pictures and can post more to that later. Unfortunately, due to the chaos of the day, core never happened, but I did hit 10k by 11 am and made it to almost 15k steps for the day. Made up for the non movement of Friday.


And we get to today. Another chaotic day where core got lost in the shuffle. Need to get back on that before those good habits I’ve developed disappeared. I spent most of the day other than travel and a short early evening Bruce walk catching up on the work that I lost to a morning of travel. At around 10, I decided to get some movement into my life and went with some Daily Burn kickboxing to make up for the lack of core too. Lack of daily plank aside, I don’t think I have to worry about either core or cardio anymore today. And I’ve gotten to about 8.5k. Impressive, especially considering I spent most of the day glued to the computer.

This does throw off my run schedule, though. I guess I’m going to just have to do it tomorrow. Seems like an easy enough fix, but more racehorse work may interfere with that.


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