Alea Dailies (5/8/2014)

Since I’m on Word Press already, it only makes sense that I do my dailies today.

I’ve done most of the core; just have to do that last set before bed. I’m trying to get the forearm planks down. It’s a hard adjustment, for some reason, but I think it’ll be easier on the wrists in the long run. Maybe. It does mean that I have to regress a couple weeks in terms of my plank duration. Will have to build that up again.

My goal is to start bringing arms into the mix. If I think strategically about the arm exercises, they should be things like push-ups that also cover core (push-ups cover core, right?). Next week’s going to be a mess, though, because we introduce travel into my life again. Might mean I have to struggle to get just core in.

I finally got running back into my life after a week hiatus. My speed wasn’t too bad for the first half of the run, but I had to slow down for Bruce. The runs are getting harder on him. It was a nice run, all in all. I did get yelled at by the local homeless man, but that was from a distance. I also ran a little longer than I normally do. I’m slowly trying to increase my distance because I decided to sign myself up for a 10k in July. Actually, two now (more on that later). I ran to the new Tune-Yards and Lily Allen albums, both of which I am enjoying a lot. Water Fountain is such a fun song to run to. I love Merrill Garbus.

I did about four runs of seven minutes with five minute walks in between. The last run wasn’t quite seven runs because I was trying to navigate myself to not get yelled at by said homeless guy a second time. In the end, I hit 3.42 miles in 57:38 minutes.

The other thing I did today was finally sign myself up for the SF AIDS Walk. It comes either a week before or after the other 10k race that I signed up for, so that’s going to be a peach. It’s too crowded to really run any of the AIDS walk anyway. I’m excited. I did it last year and had a blast. Would have enjoyed it with more friends, though. Going to work on that for this year. Also, fundraising! I’ve added a link to my fundraising site to this page so help an Alea out 🙂


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