Hiking Crystal Cove (5/4)

Long ago, in the days in which I called Orange County my stomping grounds, the group of us had vowed to start hiking more. This lasted about a hike and a half. I say half because one hike consisted of us driving to a trail that was closed and then looking at animals. The goal was to eventually hike around Crystal Cove and that never actually happened.

Should I be jealous?
Should I be jealous?

Well, it never happened. Not until this past weekend, a good six years later. It was a fun hike. The initial idea was to avoid getting sand in our shoes and just walk along the cliffs, but that got old fast. Besides, what’s more Orange County than hanging out at the beach? Going to the mall, I guess, but we did that the night before.

Rocks and Tide Pools

I guess I had apparently missed out on a lot during my years of avoiding the sun in Southern California. We were out early enough that the beach was actually pretty empty. Sure, there were a few groups of people out there, but not nearly as much as you would see on a normal beautiful beach day. It was nice.

The hike involved a lot of climbing on rocks and over tide pools, a great opportunity to test out my stability. The goal wasn’t so much speed; that, we could do anywhere. Instead, we spent a lot of time wandering around and just enjoying the morning.

Don't fall, Chris!
Don’t fall, Chris!

We went about as far as the tide and our desire to not fall onto jagged rocks would take us. I’m sure that we could have gone a little further with a good pair of water shoes, but we can save that for another adventure. Each of us made an attempt to get to the rock on the other side of the water in that picture. It didn’t end well for us, especially since the tide started rising. There was, however, a little cave in that area that we spent a few minutes exploring. Not much of interest in there except for the dead body. Just kidding, there was no cave. 🙂

Newpsies used to live here.
Newpsies used to live here.

We took a longer route on the way back to circle through Crystal Cove’s “Historic District.” This consisted of a number of houses that I’m sure were once expensive prime real estate in different times. Now, they just look like houses out of a future season of American Horror Story. The rest of the Historic District was nice, too. There were some restaurants, an educational center, some little shops. This is also where you could find most of the people. It looked like summer camp and ended with a little tunnel that took us back to the parking lot (after a long sweaty climb up hill, of course).

The Tunnel of Creepy Whale Paintings

All in all, it was a fun adventure. It made me miss living in the area and really made me regret being less active during college. I mean, I was actually very often in the gym, but that stuff kind of boring. I missed out on a good five years of being ten minutes away from the beach, where there was so much potential for more adventures like this one. Such is life, I guess. And it’s not like the Bay Area isn’t a good area for similar adventures, right?

And Kristina is awesome for her state park parking pass.

Much Water


4 thoughts on “Hiking Crystal Cove (5/4)

  1. Omg this is excellent. ❤
    I don't think this romance has long lasting potential–he looks way too self-assured. How can someone with no space for anyone but himself have room for me???? ❤

  2. And omfg guys if you live in California get the State Park Pass–I forget, there’s different tiers, but I went for the Premium one that lets me park at most of the parks/beaches up and down the coast. GAH. I’ve already gone multiple times, and it’s a great way to solve the eternal “I’m bored” conundrum on weekends.

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