Kristina’s Dailies 5/8 – 5/9

Writing my dailies in the last seven minutes left at work.

Thurs 5/8

Felt inspired and did four sets for the Ab Challenge and an extra plank. Promptly went home and gorged on chips and soda though. I almost ate second dinner since I ate early in the day but I resisted (after being sorely tempted by chips again.)

I kind of have a thing with chips.

Friday 5/9

Run was slower (it usually is at the end of the week when I’ve just about used up my sleep credits–wait–I’m ALWAYS chronically sleep-deprived. Still got in a respectable 1.59 miles. Ab Challenge was also lower–did 2 sets only, no extra plank. One minute on the forearms is really tough. Like Alea is contemplating, I might have to downgrade this exercise back to 1:30 until I can manage that entire thing successfully on my forearms only. My wrists have no problem holding the pose, but somehow on the forearms it just seems to engage my core a lot more.

Tomorrow is my friend’s wedding, so diet is going to go out the door. I will be dancing a lot, though, so that should be good for accruing steps.

I’ve been preparing my body to look good for this wedding for the last six months, so I hope my efforts will come through.


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