Kristina’s Dailies 5/10 – 5/12

Sat 5/10

My friends got married! From 8 in the morning till 9 at night I was helping pick up supplies, set up the ball room, clean up, and doing wedding elf work to get them hitched in style. My phone was not on me at all times, so my step count looks embarrassingly low. What it doesn’t show is how much I was dancing and jumping around in the last three hours of the party. Side note–you want an extra leg workout, do all of the above in heels. My calves were raising hell by the end of the night.

Sun 5/11

Pfft yeah right. It’s Mother’s Day weekend. We ate Greek food and then I promptly went back to sleep, only staggering out of bed for more food.

Mon 5/12

A bit apprehensive about running because I didn’t get enough rest on Sunday, but still managed to pound out a respectable 1.5 miles at 18+ minutes. I’ve been talking to a few other runner friends, and they all think I’d be capable of attempting a 5k race by now. My tentative goal is to run a 5k by my birthday in July–#juicyjuly is how I’ll be tagging the project. I’m not yet sure when or what race I’ll run; I need to do a little bit of sleuthing on that note.


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