Kristina’s Dailies 5/13 – 5/15

Tues 5/13

The heat turned up in OC, so it’s been a bit challenging to run/work out outdoors in dry, 90+ F weather. Leg day was done in the shade, but I had some leftover energy and stress to get out of me, so I went to Huntington. Told myself I wasn’t going to run, ended up running anyway. 3.11 miles in 39:25 (give or take getting water at the pier.) #juicyjuly and 5K training is underway. I don’t know how my body will deal with the new strain of longer distances, but I guess this week will be a test of what I can ramp up to. We’ll keep an eye on that right hip/back flare-up should it decide to come back.

The 30-Day Core Challenge wraps up this week on Friday. I would say doing planks every day is just about a habit now–I feel better after doing them, despite spacing them out throughout the day, and each time I step away from the desk to move/stretch is a good reminder to keep engaging my abs when I walk or as I otherwise move around. I definitely hope to continue planking for #juicyjuly as a part of my daily routine: run MWF, leg day TuTh, core M-F. Weekends for rest, something light, or biking, hiking, or swimming.

Weds 5/14

Noticeably tired, so downgraded my usual run to a walk-jog. Still got 1.3 miles in. The heat was already 90F at 9:00 am. Even if I could push my self, breathing dry air sucks.

Thurs 5/15

This is my chat log with a friend, documenting my planking. I usually do two or three in the morning and then the optional two in the afternoon, but today I was in an info session re: retirement benefits, so I had no time before lunch.

 me:  one plank. 4 more to go.
 Sent at 1:54 PM on Thursday
 me:  2/5
 Sent at 2:15 PM on Thursday
 me:  3/5
 Sent at 2:48 PM on Thursday
 me:  4/5
 Sent at 3:58 PM on Thursday
 me:  5/5
Sent at 4:24 PM on Thursday

I’m at 1:30 on forearms and the rest on wrists for a total of 2 min. I’m developing a patch of rough skin near my elbows where the carpet bites into my arms. It’s a bit unsightly but I don’t know what else I can do about it.


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