Alea Dailies (5/15/2014)

It’s really going to be interesting trying to keep up the travel and fitness. Today was Thursday travel day and I am exhausted.

First of all, did morning core and planks (did baby planks, will talk about that later). Unfortunately, spending the day in airports is not easy to do in airports. I mean, not all airports have SFO’s yoga room, and even then that’s a Terminal 2 luxury. Too spent to do night core and get a decent workout.

Next, i actually was going to attempt get up at 530 to go jogging. Didn’t happen. I can’t even do that in my time zone and I was barely adjusted to est. I almost decided to just sleep in as long as possible and go to the gym after I landed back in the Bay Area. I’m glad I didn’t. I arrived cranky, tired, and grumpy.

Instead, I woke up at 6 and did a Daily Burn dance class. I should never be allowed to dance in public, but it was a fun way to wake up in the end.


In addition, I managed to reach over 11k steps. The morning workout was a good step boost, but running from one concourse to another trying not to miss my connection in ORD also helped bring up a bit of a sweat.

Next week’s travel is going to be worse because there is a trip to Cincinnati in between. That will be interesting.

Until them, I’m ready to call it a day.


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