Alea Dailies (5/16-5/18/2014)

Hi there. It’s been a while since I last posted. Let’s have a recap:


I did the morning core on Friday and then had a series of proverbial fires to work with the rest of the day and didn’t get much done in terms of exercise until I went out for the afternoon run. This was cut short, however. Bruce wasn’t feeling the walk. Looked like there was something about his legs that had been annoying him. I made him go a little longer, but he eventually gave me his universal sign of “I really don’t want to walk” by sitting in the middle of the road and not moving. I had to carry him for a little while. We did end up walking about 2.25 miles, though, so it was not time wasted. That in conjunction with going out to eat got me to about 6000 steps.


A day of errands, where I got a little under 8000 steps just from running around from place to place to get things done. Not much done in core, but not that bad of a day.


Sunday, we started the day with the Graffiti Run 5k, which was a lot of fun. Will post more on that later. No core, but I’ve reached over 15,000 steps so far today.


I need to figure out somehow how to get core back into my day again. It’s hard to balance the travel schedule with trying to keep up with everything, so it’s going to be a puzzle trying to balance this.


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