Kristina’s Dailies 5/16 – 5/18

Fri 5/16

And thus concludes the 30-Day Core Challenge for me. I would say doing abs daily now is a pretty good habit, and I intend to continue. I started out only doing forearm planks for 0:30 sec and I’m up to 1:30 with the last 30 seconds on my palms. I’ve been trying to keep my butt down and engaged and I’ve been trying to mind my form throughout the hold. In the last two weeks I’ve even managed to do 5 2:00-minute plank sessions throughout the day, which is tiring when I’m doing the hold, but doesn’t make my back hurt or sore afterward. I can only hope this means I’m getting stronger. I can’t really tell that my stomach is changing shape, but I’m hoping under all that  I’m building myself a better core.

My Friday run was ok, albeit a bit slower than expected. Those unexpected sessions on Tuesday and Thursday last week put a dent in my energy levels for the next day. I’ll have to recalibrate the 5K long-run training sessions so I don’t mess up my MWF regimen. When I run during my breaks at work, it’s not so much to train for the 5K but rather to de-stress. I find that my thoughts are less jumbled and hectic after a run. When I run for fun at the beach, that’s when I feel happy and powerful, and my mantra is more about strength rather than, “ugh stress stress stress bad thoughts.”

Sat 5/17


I took my parents to Crystal Cove for a belated Mother’s Day food and hangout celebration. They enjoyed the walk down to the Beachcomber and looking at the waves. We hit the beach a lot later than I usually do (I go at around 8 in the morning, and we got there at 11:30) so the tide was coming back in already. Didn’t hit my step goal but it was still nice to be outside (the heat wave tapered off to a doable 79F.)

Sun 5/18

Did some arm and shoulder stuff (curls, tricep presses, shoulder presses, and WITY’s–a type of scapular stabilization exercise I learned in physical therapy) as well as planks. Did three sets of all the above. Used a 15 lb weight for the arm stuff and some random cans of food that weigh about a pound for the scapular exercises. My shoulders and the associated muscles are not particularly strong, so I’m trying to go about it slowly and carefully, using exercises meant to rehab people who just got rotator cuff surgery. I want more toned arms and I want to build strength in this area so I might eventually be able to try rock climbing. I still haven’t really figured out a good schedule for upper body weight training, so after the 5K I might focus on this section of my fitness.



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