Alea Dailies (5/22-5/25/2014)

I haven’t posted in a while, so I guess I am due for an update.


Thursday was travel day. We weren’t on site in the morning, so we had a ~slightly~ more relaxed morning, but it was still early and still hectic. I did, however, end up getting around 8000 steps from the connections and exploring MSP Airport during my long layover.


Friday morning was a rush to get stuff done. I actually didn’t accrue many steps until the evening when Bruce and I went on our run. He wasn’t able to do too many stretches, but made the whole 5k this time, so it was an improvement. Did 8/5 again. Ended up with 10k steps in the end, so the day was a success.


Another hectic day where we went up to San Francisco to do the Escape from the Moon Base game. I took Bruce for a walk early in the morning because I knew I’d be gone for most of the day. Between that and running around the city, I ended up getting a lot of walking in and was well over the 10k step goal.


Not an active day since everyone was over for Memorial Day weekend BBQ. There was a lot of walking to and from the Quakes game (we park a long walk away so we can park for free), but I had left my FitBit at home and don’t know how many steps I actually had. I guess that’s better than the assumption that I had lost my FitBit. That would have been upsetting. I also signed up for a number of races on Sunday and have races set up through November:

June: Photo Tag Dash 5k

July: Jungle Run 10k & AIDS Walk

August: UjENA 5k Summer Breeze Run / Walk

September: Bay Area Title 9k

October: Rock and Roll San Jose 10k

November: SF 80s 5k


I’ll probably sign up for a few more between now and then. There’s apparently going to be a slime run in October that sounds interesting and I’ll probably do a Turkey Trot.


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