Graffiti Run (5/18/2014)

I think I posted about this the last time that I did a run, but my goal for this year is to do a race a month for the rest of the year. I might keep it up if it goes well. May’s contribution to this series was the Graffiti Run, one of the many touring iterations of races where people throw dyes at you. I’d done one before and had signed up for two others that I never ended up going to for stupid reasons (got the time/date wrong for one, didn’t have a car or a ride for the other). When I did Color Me Rad, it was by myself with a group of Yelpers. It was fun, but I somehow managed to convince Chris to do it with my this time around (even better).



We woke up early and geared up for colorful running and got in line so we could be sent out with the first phase of people. I’ve noticed that these runs space people out a lot more, probably to maximize the amount of dye that you can get on you at the dye stations. Getting out in an early phase meant we could be on the road earlier. In fact, I saw the last group of runners head out as I was rounding the corner to the finish line.


Chris and I ended up splitting up fairly early on. Chris runs a lot faster than I do, and my running stretches are longer than his are. We passed each other frequently along the way, so we actually might have ended more or less around the same time. However, I overdid the first few stretches of running and was running at faster paces than I normally do. This hit my during run three, where I lasted about 4 minutes before walking most of the rest of the way. I run for the final few minutes before the finish line, but Chris was already there for a couple of minutes.



Because I don’t have too many grounds for comparison, I will say that there were less dye stations than there were at Color Me Rad. It felt like there were probably a good ten minutes before we hit the first of the stations (pictured above). There were at least one or more dye stations at Color Me Rad. They also had liquid dye stations for that one. Those served as a surprisingly good cool down when it got hit. I guess it was fine, though, because Chris and I left the race with plenty of color.





All in all, though, it was a fun event. We left pretty shortly after the race and did not stay for the whole dye party at the end. I think we can live without that part. My biggest complaint about the race in general was the lack of water stations. Other than that, another fun race in the books.



4 thoughts on “Graffiti Run (5/18/2014)

      1. I guess that’s an advantage to a powder color vs. liquid color. Still, the asthmatic me cringes at a powder run! I’d run with a respirator on.

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