Kristina’s Dailies 5/22 – 5/26 (SF/Memorial Day Edition)

Hello! This past weekend Kristina was off to lovely San Francisco for vacation. I did see Alea at some point during my trip, but today I’ll be talking about how I hiked the hell out of the city while I was there. Let’s begin!

Thurs 5/22

Got in to SFO at around 8:30. Got some breakfast, did some sightseeing, shopped at Uniqlo (a very necessary pit stop, of course!) By 2 pm I’d already hit my step goal, but I still had the day’s hike planned for sunset. I wanted to revisit Bernal Heights in the afternoon to get the late sun in my shots.

Fog coming in to the city and brisk winds blowing made for a very chilly hike.

Well the sun was there, but so was Karl the Fog, so I was freezing. Still gotta take all the selfies though.

SF skyline and my chilly face.

Fri 5/23

I got up bright and early at 6:30 in the morning to eat breakfast and get to Mount Davidson while the fog was out and about. I had some delicious diner pancakes, eggs and bacon for breakfast then I went off to disappear into the forest. The bus dropped me off about a mile away from the foot of the trails–so I had a double inclined hike. First hill was intense–from the bus stop to the foot of the mountain was all uphill, especially up the last access road. I took a few breaks and just sat on the curb to catch my breath. It was all legs and glutes at that point, going uphill–which makes me think I definitely want to continue with leg day and keep increasing by adding weights to squats, because legs were terribly important for this hike.

That SF Tree at the clearing on top of Mount Davidson.

It was eerily quiet sitting in the midst of all that fog, but also kind of peaceful. I was a little scared, but what’s life without scaring the living daylights out of yourself every once in a while?

Sat 5/24

My friend Erin and I went to Mt. Tamalpais State Park to embark on a longish hike. What we didn’t account for was time–so instead of the longer 7.0 mile Steep Ravine – Matt Davis trail, we took the 3.8 mile Steep Ravine – Dipsea – Old Mine trail back to Pantoll Ranger station. Still a nice, challenging (we’re not hike masters!) up-and-down hike with random ladders (see below) to traverse. We started at about 8:30 am and took our time, wrapped up around 11 am as the sun started to come up. I can’t wait to come back here more fit and perhaps even run parts of the trail.

I kept freaking out because I am hardly outdoors and in the wild. I kept saying that the forest was straight out of a Disneyland ride (Indy Jones!)

I had to.

Look at this place!!! It’s green!

Sun 5/25

The last day in SF was a little more relaxed for me. I only planned to get Chinese food in Richmond and to make my annual pilgrimage to the Bridge and to Fort Point. I ended up breaking my own stipulations and the rest of the day was spent climbing all over the walls of Fort Point:

I probably hoisted myself up onto this wall twenty times just to get the right shot. SO WORTH IT

I sat there for a few hours just admiring the lovely day in the bay (there was no fog at the Bridge on Sunday!) Soon enough it was time to head to the airport for my flight home.

Just so I could say I’d planked at SFO.

Mon 5/26

Back in sunny SoCal for the holiday. I napped, ate a bunch of steak and ice cream, and plunged my feet into the cool pool while warming my top half.


Such a good holiday off–I got some serious R&R in, kept highly active throughout my trip, and ate with impunity. A life well-lived! Now it’s back to the grind and back to 5K training. I am eyeing an early June race, but we’ll see if I can still sign up and get my schedule together. I want to try it sooner than later before I change my mind!


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