Kristina’s Dailies 5/27 – 5/29

Tues 5/27

Four day work week this week due to the holiday. Started off with a decent leg day–upped jumping jacks to 60-65 a set, walking lunges are up to about 13 a pop. Squat holds on the last squat. I’m walking on my second breaks as well, but this week I think I’ll be pretty tired–I’m still recovering from HikeSF weekend.

Weds 5/28

Had a nice baseline run for not having run for a week, 1.57 miles in 17:16. I had an 11:00 minute mile pace! Not too shabby eh? What remains to be seen is how much that number will shift when I run the 5K. I also started a new 30-Day challenge–it’s not related to any website, but is rather a problem specific to me. I’m challenging myself to roll on all 5 days that I work out, at least 6 minutes a day. That’s foam roll, btw. I’ve been far too lazy about stretching and rolling and it’s time to work that into my life to make it a daily habit.

Thurs 5/29

Leg day again. One of my running friends told me to remember to squeeze my glutes when coming up from a squat. I had asked him how I would grow and craft a mighty hiking ass. I want a bum that can withstand SF hills! He also mentioned adding some weights, but I don’t know yet how I’ll be doing that. I can leave a 10-lb weight in my car, but that adds to the number of things I have to retrieve when changing from my break. The less fuss, the better.

I’ve been keeping up with planking as well. I downgraded to 1:30 but that’s all on forearms now. I’m also doing about 4-5 of those spread out throughout the day, as a way to keep my current core strength. Today I’ve had a little extra time to do some bicycle crunches right after the plank, so that feels good. Every bit counts.

Oh and because I’m a gear head and I’m fussy, I bought two new pairs of shoes today to review for performance. I got another pair of Nike Lunarglide 5+ for running and the Nike Terra Kiger trail shoes for hiking/jogging. I am eating my words re: neon-colored running gear–those Lunarglide 5+s are highlighter yellow! I can deal with one solid bright color, but not 5 or 20 all mashed into one shoe (Alea’s probably laughing at me now.) We shall see. But more so than color, I care about comfort and price. I love this shoe and I can’t wait to get them in the mail soon! Yay new gear!


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