Dream Mile 5k (June 1, 2014)

I started June 2014 on a positive note and did a 5k this morning. I was actually supposed to be doing a different 5k today, but I got an email on Monday saying that the race had been postpones (for a second time, actually). I found this race in my effort to find a replacement June race. I actually wouldn’t have minded doing something a week later, but there weren’t that many interesting options for June that weren’t on June 1st. This one is for a good cause at least.


Race time was at 8:20 for the 5k. This event actually also had a half marathon and a 10k, but they went out at earlier times.

I got to Hellyer Park around 740. The parking for 5k racers was a couple miles away from the park, so we had to take a shuttle to the park (more on cart later).




I like Hellyer Park. The trail has a little more shade than my normal trail and there’s a nice lake. Too many geese for my taste though. Geese terrify me. It was cold there this morning. A lot colder than I thought it would be.

Race wasn’t too bad. I started off running this time instead of doing my normal five minute warm up.  I did a lot of warm up while I was waiting anyway. It went by quickly. There were a lot of people who were walking and taking up the whole trail so there was a lot of dodging.

In the end, I finished the race with my best recorded time of 13.11 mile/min average. I did three phases of 9 min jog/5 minute walk and finished in 41 minutes. I did not want to run that last stretch but I got a fresh burst of energy after I switched my music from Sleigh Bells to Santigold.

My biggest complaint with the event was the shuttle situation. Getting to the park was fine, but no one came out to the shuttle until 9:40, almost an hour and a half after the 5k started. It takes people much less time to do the race and the must have foreseen that people didn’t want to hang out afterwards. I spent as much time getting to the car as I did running, so I was relatively annoyed. In retrospect, I should have used some GPS tracker to pinpoint my car. The trail goes by the parking lot apparently. Oh well.

All in all though, a good race. Am pleasantly surprised by my speed for this one.



2 thoughts on “Dream Mile 5k (June 1, 2014)

  1. Love this and congrats on your PR!

    Except not loving the geese situation. Dude, they get really big and fearsome at Mason Park (Irvine, off of Culver/University.) One time I got a little too close to one with my camera and it ran at me! Geese don’t fuck around.

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