Alea Dailies (5/31-6/3)

Wow. Haven’t caught up on dailies since last month. Har har har

The weekend was a lazy weekend with flashes if activity.

Saturday: mostly lazy except for disc golf and some chores

Sunday: woke up early for the 5k but didn’t do much else beyond that

Monday: travel day. Thought about walking it off at the gym but I had a hectic morning and was exhausted and in bed by ten.

Tuesday: was supposed to go on a walk this morning, but didn’t due to headache. Instead went on a post dinner walk in an adorable Grand Rapids neighborhood by a lake. Then, perhaps out of insanity, decided to go running at like 9:15 after not completely digesting food and a flight of beers. Not a goof feeling. Got a good thirty minutes of rub walking in though. As much as I could do. Hopefully will do more on Thursday.

Also, per Kristina’s request, posting a selfie of me treadmill running and also a pic of the hotel gym.




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