Kristina Dailies 6/2 – 6/6

Mon 6/2

Sore from bouldering, but happy and determined. 1.63 in 17:51.

Tues 6/3

Concentrating on activating glutes as I rise up from the squats. Takes more concentration than I imagined. Also attempting plyometrics in between sets by doing high knees.

Weds 6/4

Run 1.62 in 17:23. These are getting easier (relatively); I still walk off and on, but I try to limit it to only 30-40 feet of walking before I pick up into a jog again. I also don’t feel as deathly tired afterwards–I recover within an hour or so as long as I do eat sometime after. I think even if I didn’t run races and just continued to run 1-3 miles 2-3x a week it will be more than enough maintenance work for me to keep my body and metabolism where it is.

I couldn’t stop thinking about bouldering, so I asked my friends if they could go with me again.  To warm up, they showed me how to traverse the wall (Warmed up on an easy VB problem, then attempted two V0 problems (that’s what routes are called in bouldering.) Got stuck on the 45 degree one and couldn’t send it (sending a route/problem is reaching the top/finishing it.) Was stuck maybe two holds below because I don’t yet have the upper body strength to simultaneously row and reach for the next hold. Bouldering is all sorts of crazy physical and mental roadblocks you have to overcome. I like it because it makes me feel like I’m doing work and I’m breaking my own fear blocks every time I go. My friends say when you start a problem, you have to commit to finishing it. I’m determined to stick my hand on that second-to-last-hold and figure out how to get my legs into a position for leverage to the top. I just hope that they don’t take the problem down before I can get strong enough for it.

Thurs 6/5

Tapering down my activity levels in preparation for the 5K fun run on Saturday. Still completed leg day, but took my afternoon walk at a slower pace. Met up with friends at the beach for a slow, ambling walk and dinner at the pier–it’s good to recharge with great company.

Friday 6/6

No run, just a walk today. The goal is just three planks sometime in the afternoon and I plan to eat well and sleep early tonight for Saturday. I’m a bit nervous, but I’m hoping the act of washing my run clothes, preparing my shoes, and decompressing early will put me in a good mind frame for the run.


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