Alea Dailies (6/4-6/9)

Eek. Haven’t posted in a while. Been somewhat lazy actually. I’d like to think of it as a break before I start really training to do a 10k. That’s how I’ll justify it for the time being.



Was going to go exercise, but it was a busy day so I ended up not being able to have time for anything. Pity, really.


Travel day. Was up late working on presentation I was working on the day before so my grand plans of running along the Grand River in the morning did not happen. There was a lot of walking from travel, but not too much.


It was the day that people in my take the day off to do a service project. I was volunteering with an organization in SF that provides housing for families who need to use the children’s hospital. We were painting the bathrooms. A lot of arm w0rk. I don’t think I got to the step  count that I wanted, but I had about a mile and a half of walking between my car and the site and a day of physical activity, so it wasn’t too bad.


Orange is the New Black.


Was going to make up for the day I lost to OITNB but it was uncomfortably hot so not much happened.


Another ridiculously hot day, but I decided that I’d make myself run. I waited until it got cool (around 8) to run outside. Unfortunately, it got dark, so I just went to the gym. Ran to some Drowners and The Darkness for about 5k. It was nice and it’s time to start taking the 10k training seriously.


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