Times They Are A-Changing

When Kristina and I first decided to make a blog, it was mostly as a venue for us to keep ourselves motivated and accountable for our fitness activities and any monthly challenges we were doing (the core challenge seems like it was such a long time away). The idea would be to do daily check-ins with some other fun one-off posts about any events we were doing.

As you may imagine, blogging every day, even for short posts, is a lofty goal. Life gets in the way.

Both of us did something this week to push ourselves out of our comfort zones. We both signed up for races during the Disney Star Wars Race Weekend. Kristina for the 10k and I, in a moment of a adrenaline, overzealousness, and some insanity, signed up for the half marathon.

I don’t want to speak for Kristina, but I plan to chronicle my training for this here. And since I’m training for a half marathon, something that is way way out of my comfort zone, I really have to take things seriously. I have to cross train. I have to do more core. I need to invest in things like foam rollers and maybe one of those heart rate monitor watches.

I’ve got six months to do this, so it’s more than doable. I also think that, even though it’s a week after my 30th birthday, it’s also going to be a great bookend to my pre-30 year of running. Nevertheless, it’s going to be the biggest physical challenge of my life.


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