Star Was Half Marathon Training (Week 1)

Last week was the first that I started training for the 10k, which will ultimately also be training for the half marathon. I know that I’m not going to be able to run the whole thing, so I’m using this guide as a rough guide for how to get myself on track for walk/jogging the race. Because I’m training in six months and not three, I also have a little more flexibility in how and whether I want to increase the distance that I’m running. I guess I’ll play by ear.

The first week didn’t go as smoothly as I would have hoped. I got the running days on M/W/S down with a pretty good 4 mile run on Saturday. Because I did not listen to any of the instructions for running in the heat, running on Wednesday was a bit of a blunder. I ran at the wrong time of day, without sunscreen or a hat, at my normal race speed, and with little water. It didn’t end too well.

There didn’t end up being much in the way of cross training, except for short walks every now and then. That is one thing that will have to change.


One thought on “Star Was Half Marathon Training (Week 1)

  1. I’ve been reading some running guides on the rundisney website as well. It’s kind of interesting learning about training, and it definitely makes this whole endeavor feel more official and less homebrew.

    I’m a staunch believer in grassroots DIY mentality, but advice is good too–like the stuff about slowing down your pace in the heat, and learning how your times might be affected by the environment. That’s good to know. For me right now, I have shifted to morning runs, and the combination of cooler temperatures plus a body that’s not quite awake yet makes for slow running as well. Maybe I should wake up earlier to just wake up and walk around for a bit.

    Lots to learn for both of us in the upcoming months.

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