Tiger Tail

Ever since I stated taking this running thing semi-seriously, I’ve been on a hunt for a foam roller. The problem is that because I often have to travel during the week, getting the standard roller would just take up space the majority of the time. I tried searching for travel sized rollers. They exist, but they would still take up a lot of bag space in my carry on.

As I was leaving the gym the other day, I spotted this this device:


It’s called a Tiger Tail and it has the same sort of massaging effect as a foam roller would, but just works more like a rolling pin. So far, it’s worked well for me in the three days since I purchased it and, most importantly, can fit into my bag without taking up too much space.

I still think you can still get a deeper massage from a foam roller and I will probably invest in one of those down the line. Nevertheless, this device is incredibly effective, travel friendly and can help me get areas that would be harder for me to get on a foam roller (shins, back).


2 thoughts on “Tiger Tail

  1. Foam rollers do take up quite some space. My Trigger Point roller is pretty portable, but I do kind of hug it like a pillow when I carry it into work.

    Oh and it makes me look like Megaman when I put my arm through it. I look like I have a blaster on πŸ™‚

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