Star Wars 10K Training (Week 1)

Like Alea mentioned earlier last week, we both will be running in the Disney Star Wars Half Marathon weekend–she’ll be doing the half, and I’ll be in the 10K race. We’ve also got another friend joining the half marathon, so we’re all very excited to train together (albeit over the Internet for now.) We’ve got roughly six months till January, so there’s a lot of time to grow and learn as runners. I’m excited and nervous and I don’t think I’ve fully grasped the import of what I’m doing yet, which may be for the best. At any rate, here are the things I’ve been up to/ have noticed in the first week of training for the 10K.

1. Increased MWF run distance to 2 miles, 3 times a week
I used to run 1.5 miles MWF, now I’m up to a full 2.0. Current average stats: 2-2.05 miles, 22-24 min, avg 11:30-12:00/mi

2. Planks at 1:50,  4-5 times a day
I’m almost at 2 minutes on forearm planks. I’m getting there. My secret to combating fatigue? Watching 20- and 30-second videos to keep myself distracted from the pain. Sometime next week I ramp up and attempt a full two minutes!

3. Trigger point roller to roll at work = HIGHLY EFFECTIVE

I bought a Trigger Point Grid Foam Roller to bring to work so I would roll more. I was having some problems with my 30-Day Roll Challenge (I don’t know if I mentioned that here, but I challenged myself to roll out daily beginning last May.) With this little baby I roll 2-5 minutes here and there throughout the day; I keep limber and relaxed and I feel great! Best decision I’ve made for running and for work. I do it on my breaks with my trusty phone-timer-app and I’m done.

4. All workouts shifted to 6:30 am M-F
This along with the increased distance is why I’m toast this week. It’s not even about waking up, it’s about how hard it is to go to sleep earlier. It’s a habit worth making though–the world does not start at 12 noon. The earlier I get up, the more I can accomplish. So far, one week down! I’ll make 6:30 am starts optional on the weekend, but since we’re heading into summer, I’ll probably continue the habit so I can hike before the sun hits. I can always nap in the afternoon when I get back.

A new week begins, so I better prepare my shoes and shirt for tomorrow’s morning run. Here’s to the official start of summer–let’s get out and go!



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