Bigger, buffer, boulder

I have a penchant for puns in titles.

Today I was looking at pictures and videos of people bouldering and I started feeling bad because I haven’t gone in almost two weeks. I’ve only really gone 2-3 times so far this year. I still don’t know if it’s going to be something I’ll want to stick with for a while, but there’s something fascinating about it that’s calling me to try. I am entranced by the strength, endurance, and mental fortitude that climbers have, and it’s just enough balance between risk (falling) and the reward of sending a route that I can handle. I want to go back soon. This week I will rest some more–I’m a bit under the weather, but hopefully it will not become a true fever/cold. In the meantime, however, it’s got me thinking of ways I can train in the off weeks I don’t climb.

As a beginner climber, I need to develop the following:

– increased upper body strength
My back, shoulders and arms need work. I’ll need to do a lot of pulling-type movements, like rows and pull-ups. Push-ups need to be done too, just for balancing the movement/development of the body (I think.) At any rate, this means lots of body weight work for me, and spending a lot of time under the table doing rows off the table edge. I’m still considering the wisdom of buying a pull-up bar for the home, but storage is a problem. I’d rather not have too much equipment at this point–my room already has too much stuff in it.

– continue building leg power
SQUATS. Lunges. Plyometrics. The legs are crucial in climbing for delivering most of the power/providing stability while searching for holds (if I understand it correctly.)

– rediscovering flexibility
Climbing moves require total body flexibility. My running will also benefit if I am once again as flexible as I was in my pre-teen years when I did a lot of ballet. I would like to do some kind of yoga/Pilates/stretching class or Youtube videos to try and work on it; this will probably end up as some kind of 30-Day challenge at some point in the near future.

It’s good to write these ideas out so that I can start planning and adding these goals into my daily workouts. I feel like it gives my grind a purpose.


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