Star Wars Half Marathon Training (Week 2)

I guess it’s been over a week by now and I’m due for an update. The last week of training went remarkably better than the first week even in light of the fact that I am living and breathing soccer more than I normally do.

The Runs (no, not that kind)

Despite sometimes not wanting to, I stuck to my M/W/S schedule without any problems. Both Monday and Wednesday were slower because I was running with Bruce. Other than that, it was business as usual. Perhaps the most surprising revelation of the week was that, yes, I can wake up early three times a week to go running. All three runs were outdoors, so I did kind of have to avoid the heat.

Best run was my long run. My plan in preparation for my 10k next month has been to increase the distance of my long run by .5 miles each week. I went up to 4.5 miles this week. For a while, I considered doing the full 5, but decided that it would probably be better to stick to the plan.

On my rotation for Week 2: Arcade Fire, alt-J, Beach House, Zola Jesus

Cross Training, etc.

On Tuesday, I went to the gym to do some more intensive strength training. It didn’t end up spending as much time there as I would have liked because I was getting increasingly frustrated with the people who were taking up multiple machines to train. I also had to get home to do more work (busy times for me at work). While I was there, I did get a good variety of strength training exercises in. Got some good old barbell squats in, did arms, back, core, chest. Really not a bad use of my time.

On Thursday, I snuck in two activities. I took Bruce on a long walk in the morning. He was mostly happy with this, but I think he was still tired from the Wednesday run. In the evening, I swam about 30 minutes of laps. I hadn’t done that in a while, something that was very apparent to me when I swam far too fast that my swimming fitness level the first few laps. I followed it up with some jacuzzi and sauna time. Wouldn’t mind doing more swimming, actually. It was a nice way to spice up the exercise routine.

Other Lessons

Other general lesson from this week is that I need to actually start paying attention to the stretching and taking care of muscles post-run. This is part of the reason that I made myself get the Tiger Tail last week. I’ve been doing with sore shins since my Saturday run and have been taking extra care on the shin recovery. Actually taking time to ice them has done wonders.

And now I go to sleep because it is nearly midnight here.


One thought on “Star Wars Half Marathon Training (Week 2)

  1. Stick to the +0.5 mi add plan! Hecka hard with the 630 ams already AND adding mileage. Kudos though for completion AND for the bonus swim!

    T_T You and Erin are swimming, I wish I were swimmin’ too. I want to do all the things!

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