Star Wars Half Marathon Training (Week 3)

And yet another week of my half marathon training is coming to an end. Doesn’t feel like it’s been that long, but I suppose it has.


It’s been an interesting week of running. The goal on Monday was to wake up early enough so that I could knock the running off before I left the airport. Turns out, waking up at 6:30 was a little too late, so I ended up going for 30 minutes instead of 45. Shins were killing me anyway. Ran at a faster pace than normally to make up for the shorter time. The shins were killing me for a couple of days after that too, so I had to take to some icing and rolling to calm that down.

Wednesday’s run was a little better. Ran for about 50 minutes. While I was not going quite as fast as Monday, it was a good pace still. Saturday run also went well except for the first mile. I slowed the pace down a little bit so that I would last longer. That seemed to work well. I will admit that I had spent the week nervous about hitting the 5 mile mark in running. It’s not that the .5 mile difference was that big, but there’s something that seems very milestone-esque about hitting that mark.

On my rotation: Vampire Weekend, Lily Allen, Nigeria-Argentina game (replay), Ra Ra Riot

Other Activities

Tuesday was filled with strength training exercises (primarily focused on core exercises) along with twenty minutes of deep stretching. Thursday ended up being a rest-ish day due to the travel. Friday walk was uneventful, other than the fact that I had to carry Bruce during a lot of it (he was tired and it was hot).

Lessons Learned

I don’t know if there were any major lessons learned here. It’s starting to dawn on me how much money I need to invest in running to make it work well for me and how many trips I’ll be making to places like my beloved Sports Basement. I picked up things like a better running hat (lighter, built in headband). All of that stuff.

I also spent some time today mapping out the next few months of training. It was mapped out down to the day through November. Since I have to get myself to 15k shape by late August, I’m putting myself on a trajectory where I could comfortably be half marathon ready by November. This includes some built in “lazy weeks” or weeks where I’m too busy to get all the workout in. If that’s the case (which I may reevaluate next month), I’d feel better about going into the Star Wars half marathon with one under my belt than with that one being my first. We’ll see how well it actually goes.


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