Star Wars Half Marathon Training (Week 4)

And another week of this half marathon training comes to a close.


I actually only ended up running on Monday and Saturday this week. The Monday run was the typical Monday run. Nothing exciting about that. Shins hurt still, but not as much as the week before.

I had intended on running on Wednesday. However, Bruce decided that he wanted to go running too. Someone had let him out and I didn’t realize that he was running after me until I was a couple of minutes down the street. After a potential terrible accident had been averted, I decided that maybe I wouldn’t do my morning run. That turned into me not being able to go running before some evening plans, so I turned it into a day of high intensity kickboxing. Still high intensity cardio. Just not the stuff that I had anticipated.

It ended up being for the best anyway. I was a bit sluggish on the Saturday run from not having gone on Wednesday, but my shins were pretty much back to normal by Saturday. We went down to Santa Barbara for the holiday weekend, so I had a pretty nice run with some very California-esque views. I posted some pictures on Instagram. Will maybe post more later when there is more time for that stuff.

Other Stuff

I did some strength training and a Bruce walk on Tuesday, with an emphasis on the upper body and core. Didn’t forget the squats though. How could I? Thursday was somehow hectic even though I didn’t have work that day. Ended up not doing anything other than braving the SF hills when I went downtown to see Once. Friday, we had our Fourth of July walk. It was foggy yet kind of humid in Santa Barbara that day, but I’d take that over the absurdly hot weather in the South Bay recently.

Lessons Learned

I don’t think there are any big lessons for the week. I need to figure out how to make time for running and making sure the dog gets walked regularly. It used to be easier when I would just run with him, but the runs are getting harder on him, especially in the heat. He’s happier with the walks anyway.

Other lesson is the importance of rest. I skipped a run day and while that ultimately made me run slower, but my body was a lot more forgiving of me after the 5.5 mile run than it was after the 5 mile run. I can’t do that all the time, especially if I want to make my stretch goal of doing a half marathon by November. Still, it does help every now and then.

On the Rotation

Lily Allen, The Arcade Fire, Andrew Bird, etc.


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