Fourth of July 2014 Active Weekend

We were lucky that Fourth of July landed on a Friday this year–it made for a very nice three-day weekend. I ended up enjoying myself a lot and Alea will laugh at me, but I really needed to learn the “rest” part of the equation in an active lifestyle. Here’s some snippets from my active weekend–I loved every bit of it; I wish I could take a whole week off just to work out and eat all day!

About 55 lbs. Gotta start somewhere I suppose.

I started the weekend with some squats and climbing.

The red problem was one I didn’t finish two weeks ago. The blue one is a new one that I just went for and completed!

The Factory had its monthly first week barbecue and bouldering night. They also just set up new problems for people to try. There was a great atmosphere and a lot of new and veteran climbers trying out all the exciting new routes. I found some great VB’s to work on, plus this one V0 route (scale starts VB then V0-V12 and beyond) that’s been bothering me–it’s a tough one that basically consists of big handles to hang from. I want to send it; the first iteration of this route was on an overhang wall that was a little too tough for me at the time. Let’s hope I get stronger and finally finish it!

Lol straight from the bed and onto the road.

Friday was Fourth of July and I made sure to get that last run in before the barbecues and the weekend extravagance, because things like this happened:

Half liter of cane sugar Coca-Cola, YES. Oh and a 1/4 lb cheeseburger with caramelized onions too

My cousin and I ate our way through Downtown Los Angeles. She had a delicious salad that was served with some damn good focaccia bread. She begrudgingly let me try a piece of it πŸ˜€ Then we decided we should walk a little bit because at this point we were kind of staggering all over the place, so off to Hollywood we went.

Hollywood and Highland Metro Station.

Taking the Metro was really fun! I decided to go find out about it since I’d seen a few of the stations during my day trips into LA, and it turns out that it’s a pretty decent system. It’s not as extensive as BART in SF, but I’m looking forward to exploring more of my backyard (granted, 31 miles away isn’t exactly a stone’s throw away, but it’s better than nothing.) Hollywood was full of tourists and characters and half the fun was dodging the crowds to get into the shops we wanted to see.

On Sunday I heeded Alea’s advice and rested somewhat. I did a few lazy laps around the pool but mostly spent my time sunning myself and taking cat naps in the shade. It was really nice, and I kind of miss the pool right now.

This week I have more climbing in store for me, and I may try to hike on Saturday (just a short 5-6 mile one this time) before I go off to celebrate a friend’s birthday with food and drinks. I’m loving how active I’ve been lately, and it’s very inspiring to see other people doing the same.


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