Star Wars Half Marathon Training (Week 5)

I’m behind on everything. I have posts that I can do with pictures and now I have another event to blog about too. First things first, however. Let’s catch up with the week.


This week was a little all over the place when it came to running. Normally, I do my first run of the week on Mondays. Even when I’m traveling, I find some way to squeeze it all in because it’s the beginning of the week. Last week was a little different. I had an overnight trip to Michigan, which involved me spending half of my day on planes or in airports on both Monday and Tuesday. In addition, we were in Michigan for an important meeting, so even though I actually got to Grand Rapids at a decent time, I was literally running around the city trying to prep things for the meeting. In other words, by the time I got to a time where I could run on Monday, I was too exhausted from everything to get to it. Same thing happened on Tuesday after I got home.

Adjustments were made and I ended up running on Wednesday. I did the second run of the week on Friday, but ended up walking half of it so as not to injure myself before my Sunday 10k.

On Sunday, I ran my first 10k, the Jungle Run in Los Gatos. I’ll write more about it later, but despite the hills and the limping after the race, it wasn’t too bad. I was pretty pumped after I finished it too.


Shins are hurting less from the running, but I’m sticking with the plan of making Week 6 a dedicated strength training and recovery week. We’ll see how I feel about this tomorrow.

On My Rotation: First Aid Kit, Tune-Yards, Fleet Foxes, Sleigh Bells

Other Stuff

Due to the strange travel schedule, I spent more time this week trying to work around the missed running days and didn’t do much beyond the running. I did run into some problems with the time that I had been using to time the walk/jog intervals, however. It’d been happening for some time. I’d be given seconds or walking, or none at all. Sometimes, the sound wouldn’t work. Sometimes, the app would just shut off (mostly if I got a phone call). To be fair, the person who released the app said it was having some serious issues with the recent version of Android. Still annoying and still means I had to find a new one. Current one seems to be working fine for the time being.

Lessons Learned

I know I developed a training plan where my training for the next few months was planned down to the day, but I also know that I live in a world of ambiguity and strange travel schedules. In other words, it’s definitely clear to me that there are weeks where the schedule is going to have to be adjust a bit. I think I have to make some adjustments anyway. Week 6 was a planned recovery week, but I’m thinking I should definitely put a few more of those in there. I have some good candidates for that anyway.

Other lesson has to do with hills. I’ll elaborate more on the hills of Los Gatos in the race post, but I think I need to get used to running on surfaces that are not completely flat. My body wasn’t prepared for downhill running and is taking the hit for it now.


One thought on “Star Wars Half Marathon Training (Week 5)

  1. I’m really glad we’re kind of looking into what works and doesn’t work and writing our thoughts about our fitness goals/plans. I’ve been kind of on autopilot with running and I really need to test my “new” stamina now that I’ve been running 2-mile training runs.

    Thanks again for co-writing this with me. It’s really good to have someone listen to you/to bounce ideas off of.

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