City of Cypress 5K/10K

Here’s my summer run for the year! I’m so glad to have run the City of Cypress 5K (and 10K.) It was my first chip-timed run and my official 2nd 5K ever. Here’s some highlights from the weekend:

Tying the chip onto my shoe.

I ran the race with my cousin. The night before the race I picked up our packets and in the morning she arrived early. We found parking at the Civic Center and used the extra time to walk around and warm up before the 7:30 am start.

Start line madness.

This was a bit nerve-wracking. Not as bad as the Kaiser run, which was my very first time, but I’m still a little uncomfortable with the people density. The race atmosphere is also pretty daunting. For this run, knowing that the heat was on and I had not really slept well in the past few days, I just wanted to accomplish the following: finish under 35 minutes, average pace under 11:00/mile, and ideally not be so tired or panicked afterward like I was after my first 5K.

During the run, I generally felt OK. I ran the first five minutes OK, and then started to do my walk/run segments. I stayed at a good 9:40/mile for the first 15 minutes, but as the heat wore on I started slowing down. For this race, I felt the tension the most in the calves and thighs. I feel like I expended a lot of energy dodging people and I felt kind of strange trailing behind someone whose pace was not quite like mine. The constant maneuvering around groups of runners probably tired me out faster because in my daily training run I’m not used to having obstacles in front of me.

In the finish line corral.

The first two miles went by uneventfully. In the home stretch I was pretty tired, and I split the last 0.4 miles between walking and jogging. I ran the last little stretch to finish at a respectable time and did my post-run walk to cool off/calm down. Thankfully this time I wasn’t adrenaline-panicked and my cousin was even able to shoot the picture above as I came in to the finish.

Official stats.
Official stats.

I finished in 33:22 with an average pace of 10:45/mile. I achieved what I set out to do, but there’s room for improvement–I want to get that down to a solid 10:00/mile, and as close to 30:00 total as possible. I also learned that I shouldn’t plan to do anything after a race–I do get tired, more mentally than physically. I ended up with a crazy headache after the run that resulted in me vomiting later that night–not a good thing. I shouldn’t have a full day after a race, I should go home and take it easy–nap, eat, and drink plenty of fluids. It also didn’t help that I barely drank any water after the run–even if I don’t feel thirsty, the fact that I ran in the heat and I ran a race means I need to ensure that I’m getting the hydration I need. Rest, water, and nothing major for the rest of the day is the lesson I learned.

Thus ends #juicyjuly. I have officially run 2 5Ks before my birthday (HOORAY!) I’m also considering running the other 2-3 races in this series (Seal Beach and Los Alamitos) to earn the OC California Race Series Medal. Hopefully the dates come out soon for the Seal Beach Triathlon so I can figure out when my next race is!


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