Star Wars Half Marathon Training (Week 7)

And it’s back to work for the half marathon training. The week went okay, but I think I jumped into the post-recovery week exercising a little hard and felt it down the line.



As I said, I jumped into the post-recovery week exercise a little hard and was running at my race speed when I jumped on the treadmill on Monday. Beyond that, I felt really good after that run. Sure, I was exhausted, but it was a good run.


I wasn’t set up well for Wednesday’s run and I could feel the repercussions from Monday’s run. It was also a harder run since I let Bruce tag along. The benefit of having him come along, means that I’m forced to run a little slower and it meant that Wednesday didn’t hurt as much as it could have.

My Saturday run went a little better. My next run is at the end of August and is a 15k. It’s not a complete 15k, but rather a 10k with an hour break before a 5k. I’d been trying to figure out how to best train for that. It’s not just that I’m adding another 3 miles to my run, but that I also have to do it in a way that gets myself motivated again once I’ve stopped. It’s also hard for me to just plop down mid-run and take a break. Don’t have time for that.

It took me until Saturday to figure out how to prep for it.I ended up walk/jogging the first 3 miles of the run. The fourth mile was a “break,” wherein I walked at a brisk pace before picking up and running the last three miles. It actually went a lot better than I thought it would. That mental “pick me up” pushed me to finish the last 3 miles. It was hard getting to mile 7, but less so than it would have been than running straight. I think increasing the mileage this way may also be a less intensive and easier way to transition to the double digit mileage that I’m frighteningly close to.

On My Rotation: Wild Cub, John Grant, How to Dress Well, etc.

Other Training

This didn’t happen, actually. I need to get better at doing the strength training and cross training. I was legitimately swamped with work on Tuesday, but did not end up at the gym on Thursday mostly out of laziness. Need to fix that.

New Toys

I am the proud owner of the Nike+ GPS Sportswatch. It was supposed to come in on Tuesday of last week, but it actually made it in time for my Monday run. Of course, I didn’t realize that you have to calibrate the shoe pod, so my stats from that run are all messed up. Haven’t done a treadmill run since, so I’m curious to see how it’s going to work next time. Otherwise, it’s a fantastic device that has cut down on the amount of apps that I have running when I’m running. I’m kind of in love with it.


Need to get on the ST/XT days for serious. No more joking around.


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