Star Wars Half Marathon Training (Week 8)

This week was a lot better than the last one. I guess it helps when I have that week to adjust.

Crossing a bridge.


The running feels like it came and went. I was hoping to do at least one four mile run during the week, but that didn’t end up happening. I took Bruce with me on Monday, so that one was a little slower. It was probably better that way anyway so I could recover from the Saturday run. I walked him for half a mile in the middle so he could handle the distance. Wednesday hurt a little because it was the day after a lot of strength training. Otherwise, that went by quickly.

Almaden Lake (significantly lower due to the drought 😦 )

Saturday was my long run. Last week, Chris challenged me to try to run to my old elementary school. I don’t think that he quite expected me to do it the following week, but it was doable. I ran one way and had him pick me up on the way back, which worked well. It was a long run. The first few miles were tedious, but I started to get into the flow around mile 3. Everything went by as quick as a run can go by after that until maybe 7.5 miles. That last half a mile was a killer. It helped that Chris parked and backtracked to find me. That provided a boost of energy. I’m also surprised mile 5-7 went by in a blur, but I think I can credit turning on Phantom Planet for that one. Got lost in some nostalgia.

Really loving this watch.

In the end, I went about 8.5 miles. The first quarter mile got messed up because my watch was having a hard time recognizing my heart rate monitor. In retrospect, I shouldn’t have used my weekly long run to test out the heart rate monitor that I have yet to use. The first quarter mile my efforts consisted of me tinkering with my watch and trying to find a symbol until I gave up. As such, RunKeeper has a longer distance, but because I wasn’t able to pause RunKeeper at stoplights as easily as I could with my watch, my pace is a lot slower.

Other than pure pride, the end reward for this was some beet juice. I love me my beet juice.

On My Rotation: Jenny and Johnny, Santigold, Phantom Planet, Rooney, Sia, Jenny Lewis, Chvrches


I did strength training this week and took dog on a few walks. I wanted to fit in lap swimming on Friday, but that didn’t end up happening.

Lessons Learned

I used the massage stick a lot more this week, which meant that my shins were not dying by my Saturday run. I wanted to sign up for some formal half marathon before the Star Wars one in January, but I’m beginning to think that I should tinker with speed and do a few virtual races before. That way, it’s a little less pressure by the Star Wars race and I can start focusing on maintaining a speed under 16 minute miles. I’ve been doing decently with that, though. It’s also a lot cheaper.


One thought on “Star Wars Half Marathon Training (Week 8)

  1. I’m also vaguely considering a barometer 10K run before SW 10K, but the likelihood of that will depend on if I can reliably run half the distance as “training miles” and then plan that long run.

    Having the time for those long runs on weekend is tough.

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