Star Wars Half Marathon Training (Week 10)

Week 10’s training was significantly less interesting than the training for Week 9. It was also a little more lax.


Despite being exhausted from my 6:30 flight, I made myself run on Monday. It was a good run, where my focus was on strong running stretches and keeping my speed up. It had also been a frustrating day, so it felt incredibly good to run off some of that tension.

Wednesday’s run wasn’t as great. I had some knee pains when I was doing strength training on Tuesday, so I only ended up running a mile and a half and walking it out another mile. Not great, but I didn’t want to aggravate any potential injuries.

On the 23rd, I am doing a 15k wherein I will run 10k, take a break, and then run the last 5k. My goal was to just do a solid 6 miles this week. Thought it’d be better than potentially injuring myself. It went well and, in a way, it’s weird to think that running 6 miles is a less intensive week for me. I don’t feel like I’ve been training that long. Of course, it didn’t make it easy. The first and last mile on the longer runs is always hard, no matter the distance.

On the mix: Jenny Lewis, Ozma, Maroon 5, The Killers


I did some strength training exercises on Tuesday, focusing mostly on my legs, with squats and lunges, and my core, with some planks and other core-centric exercises. My knees were a little sore on Tuesday, and I made the mistake of not doing anything about it then. When my knees started hurting on Wednesday, I ended up turning my workout into a heavy arms day since I knew it would be hard to exercise on fly back Thursday. It actually ended up being a good impromptu tradeoff.

Lessons Learned

I need to pay attention and tend to random pains, so it doesn’t interfere with training on the running days. To be fair, my jumping off of the treadmill was more of a preventive measure so I didn’t actually injure myself. Most of that pain has long since subsided. It just would have been more convenient if I had tended to it when I first noticed it on my non-running day.


One thought on “Star Wars Half Marathon Training (Week 10)

  1. Heeding the body–it’s a thing now that we’re doing significantly more distance, isn’t it? We can’t just ehh, I’ll roll it out tomorrow.

    Speaking of rolling–I haven’t really rolled in ages, but I’ve been doing better with post-run stretching, which seems to help keep my back from locking up later in the day.

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