Star Wars 10K Training (Month 2)

I’m long overdue for a running update.

#juicyjuly, my own personal project of running a 5K before my birthday in July went very well–I even pulled off 2 5K’s between June and July! Pretty proud of myself, though I am worried that the post-race stress is so high. I’ve ended up pretty fatigued and rundown on those weekends. I think the mental stress is the bigger culprit. Not sure yet how I’m going to combat that, but the big takeaway from July’s race was to not schedule myself on any social events on the same day as race day. And hydrate, hydrate, hydrate even if the body doesn’t say it’s thirsty.

August’s heat has really impacted how much progress I’ve made in speed. I’m still doing my 6:30 am runs, in fact, I’ve been trying to get up earlier so I can have more time to stretch and decompress post-run. But the early sunrise and rising temperatures definitely affect my breathing and cooling. Overall, I’ve felt more sluggish on most days and winded and tired. I’m also facing a lot of responsibilities at home that keep me from sleeping well, so poor sleep cycle and less than ideal weather have made for slower improvements–which do frustrate me. My month’s goal is to steadily add distance with each week’s run–at the beginning of August I was running an average of 2.0-2.2 miles, now I’m up to 2.3-2.4 under 26-27 minutes. I’ll continue to add more distance until I reach 30 minutes of running and then I’ll have to reassess how I’ll train.

It’s been suggested to me to do tempo runs and speed work/sprinting to get my pace better. I also want to look into some very easy hills to strengthen my push-offs and I miss hiking. There are a lot of things I want to try, and very little time.

At any rate, at least I’m progressing, albeit slower than I would like. To end on a happy note, I’m glad that the flexibility is returning. Soon I will be deeper in my stretches and hopefully I’ll be able to do a split about a year’s time. 🙂 goal-making, hooray!




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