Star Wars Half Marathon Training (Week 11)

Week 11 went by surprisingly fast. I say surprisingly because the week culminated with a 15k race, something that i had been afraid of for the last few weeks.


Monday and Wednesday were both treadmill runs in the gym. The area around the hotel I’ve been staying at isn’t great for running as there aren’t many sidewalks in the area. These runs are kind of dull and repetitive, but have actually been fantastic for my stamina. My pace during the 15k was significantly more consistent than my last few long runs, so I think I have the treadmill runs to thank. Beyond that, however, these runs weren’t that exciting.

What was interesting was my 15k race on Saturday. I can add a full post about it to my backlog of one-off posts that I have sitting around, but to give the short story, it was not a traditional race because there was a half time. You run the 10k, stretch it out and fuel up, and then run the last 5k. In terms of stamina, I thought I would not want to move again after I stopped for the 10k. Surprisingly, the last 5k was not that bad. Logged 9.5 miles in the end.

I also almost injured myself because I tripped over one of those road reflectors. My ankle area is a little sore, but that could have gone so much worse.


There wasn’t much of anything else going on this week other than some light strength training.

Lessons Learned

This distance running thing is still kind of scary in many ways. I’d been dreading my ability to get 9+ miles in this week, but went on almost complete autopilot once I got through the first four miles. There are the obvious physical constraints and the aches and pains, but this was the first time that I really started thinking that, yeah, I could actually do the half marathon now if I had to. I think crazily signing up for this 15k was one of the better things that I could have done for myself in terms of training because it forced me to pretty much just blow past 10k for my distance runs.

I need to keep this mentality up, however. September’s race is a 9k and I had to move my October 10k to a 5k because of Hawaii. Need to make sure those other weeks are long runs.

Anyway, I’ll have more interesting posts soon when my schedule gets less hectic.


One thought on “Star Wars Half Marathon Training (Week 11)

  1. That’s freaking amazing. I’ve been following Erin on Runkeeper and she’s putting in work for your guys’ half marathon too. I hope we all continue injury-free and healthy in the months leading up to January.

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