Star Wars 10K Training (Month 3)

It’s been a tough training month.

For the last half of August and early September I had two weeks where I just felt drained and uninspired. I wasn’t sick, I was just tired and stressed out. I set my alarm for 6:10 every morning but woke up and promptly went back to sleep until it was time to get up for work. Instead of fighting my body and pushing with running and climbing, I just took the time off. I ran only once a week during those two weeks–I finally tried speed workouts at the track! But I kept off my MWF runs and Thursday climbs.

Track workouts: they’re pretty fun once you get over the monotony of running in a circle. I suppose running on the road is also technically a loop, but it seems more entertaining somehow. I figured out that I can run 0.25 mi in roughly about 2 minutes, so all in all around 8 minutes for a mile (when doing speed training alone.) Supposedly doing this type of workout as a supplement or replacement for one of my regular running days should help me with speed. I haven’t yet gotten to the point where I can tell that I’m speeding up, but it certainly is a way to break out of the running rut I feel myself in. I warm up by doing 2 loops (800 m), then I run 4 laps around the track, alternating with one walk lap between each. This takes me about 30 minutes which is roughly the same amount of time as my MWF runs and the total distance is almost 3 miles walked/run.

If I learned anything this month it’s to be kind to myself and listen to what my body needs. I need food, water, and rest. And when you’ve been going hard in all aspects of your life–physically, mentally, emotionally, you need breaks. I don’t often think on this, but in less than a year I’ve shed 20 lbs, went from computer desk potato to two 5K races within 6 months, and taken up bouldering which I never would have been able to do at my previous weight. Not too shabby for a (formerly) sedentary person over 25. Precious energy is expended to get results, and while I wish I were a galaxy of exploding stars in terms of energy, I am not. Therefore rest is imperative if I want to keep progressing.

Feels good to be back.



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