Hello 2015: A Look Forward

Now that we’ve settled into 2015 a little more, it’s time to start thinking about goals. I’ve never been a fan on New Year’s Resolutions, mostly because I’d never achieve them.

Still, I’ve realized that turning my goals into more tangible actions helped me in 2014. My vague goal of “running more” turned into “do an average of a race a month” by March. I don’t know if I can do that with all of my year’s goals this year, but I’ll try.


I could say that I want to run a half marathon in 2015, but I feel like that’s cheating since that’s happening in about two weeks. I’ve signed up for at least one more and am waffling on whether my goal should be to do 4 or 5. A half marathon a quarter seems reasonable, but five seems like a much cooler number.

Beyond that, my other big running goal is to jog rather than jog/walk a 5k. I don’t think that should be too bad. I pulled 2 miles on a treadmill last month.


I actually started 2015 with a five mile hike. Last year made me realize that I wanted to hike more, so I’m going to make it happen this year. It’s hard to do that and a long run every weekend, so I’m thinking that I should get 12 solid hikes out of the year. Do one a month. That’s not too bad.

Something very LOTR-esque about this hike

Strength Training

I’m so bad at getting myself to do this consistently. I try. We’ll start with me doing this one a week. I need to get myself up to doing this twice a week, but I want to start small and work my way up.


I don’t know. There are other things that would be fun to do. I want to do more Foot Golf this year and I think this may also be the year that I pick up real golf again.


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