The Last Run

I just finished my last run before my first official half marathon. It was a short run, mostly because I went to the hotel fitness room twenty minutes before closing. Seems early, but it was a nice fitness room with a steam room.

I did a short mile at a faster than normal pace and then spend some “cool down” time in the steam room. It was a good run, one that left me feeling much better than I did after the long run on Sunday. I felt wiped out and a little demoralized after that one.

I’ve spent the majority of my week keeping my body in okay shape. No alcohol. A lot of salads. Not many fried foods. A lot of stretching. Somehow, I feel like this is what I should do before a race like this.

I’m nervous about the race. Nervous about my pace and my ability to not be wiped out after mile ten. I’m also excited. Pictures are popping with the star wars swag from this race. I expect to spend more money than I should on Saturday when I hit the expo.

I’ve been training for so long for this race. It feels strange that I’m a couple of days away. Well, I have at least one more half marathon I’m signed up for after this, but I’m hoping that this is only the first of many.


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