Alea’s 2015 Race Calendar (Feb. 2015)

While running (hah!) off of a post-race high the last few weeks, I’ve gone a bit nuts signing up for a ton of races. There are only so many that have been confirmed and I’m also waiting things out a little to see what else may come up. I want to do the Race the Bay Challenge, which requires races complete in the South Bay, SF, and the East Bay. I’ve got the sign up date for the Avengers Half Marathon on my calendar so I don’t miss it. Right now, my race calendar looks like it’s a handful of 5ks with a couple of half marathons sprinkled in. I need to up that a little. Feel like my calendar can be rounded out with a few more 10ks. Maybe a trail race. Not sure yet.

Here’s what it looks like so far:

January: Star Wars Half Marathon (done)

February: Guadeloupe River Run (done), Heart and Soles 5k (tenative; depends on how bad rain is)

March: Neon Run 5k 408k

April: Santa Cruz Half Marathon

May: Bay to Breakers

June: Firefly 5k

July: TBD

August: TBD

September: Rock and Roll Half Marathon (San Jose)

October: TBD

November: TBD

December: TBD


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