Run Seal Beach 

I did it! I finished the third and last of the OC California Race Series runs at Run Seal Beach today. I ran three 5Ks over the span of 9 months and today’s 5K was the last I needed to complete the race series. Here’s my breakdown of today:

5 am – wake up and get ready
6 am – drive to Seal Beach Pier (finish line), change into my shirt, use the restroom
7 am – walk to start line (First St and Marina), warm up/stretch
8 am – run

Seal Beach Pier before sunrise. 6:50 am

Things I did better this time:

– Woke up earlier and didn’t rush getting to the site
– Taped up and stretched my right ankle/foot before running
– Hydrated and ate two hours before running

Things I didn’t do so well:

– Drank coffee the day before (dehydrating)
– Didn’t sleep well Thursday night –> tired Friday morning

What I still don’t understand is why I get mean headaches after I run. All things considered, this race wasn’t on a warm day, I’d actually drank enough (I thought) and I slept okay if not a little more than I did for my Star Wars 10K. I don’t get it. My muscles are mostly ok, my foot is not complaining even when I move it, but the damn temporal headaches. Maybe this is post-run stress? I do know I still get nervous.

My official times for the race series are as follows:

City of Cypress 5K/10K (June 2014) 33:22
Los Alamitos Race on the Base (Feb 2015) 34:38
Run Seal Beach (Mar 2015) 34:23

Didn’t break my 2014 Cypress run PR, but I’m happy to be at a pretty consistent 11:00/mi average. Not bad. My baseline performance puts me at the solid middle of the pack for my gender and age division, but there’s always room for improvement. I’m excited.


This is my first running series completed. I’m definitely open to doing something like this again, like the Beach Cities challenge (any combination of half or full marathons in each of the three cities: Huntington Beach, Orange County (typically Costa Mesa/Newport Back Bay), and Long Beach.) But first, my foot needs to recuperate so I can aim for Long Beach Half–OC is in May and might be too short to train properly.)

As always I am glad to be able to exercise and happy that my body lets me do something awesome every day. I hope I can keep up my fitness for a long time.


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